federal legislation

One Voice CARES Act MEMO

Summary of Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act ("CARES Act"), the “Phase 3” measure which provides over $2 trillion in aid.


Summary of the legislation from Bracewell LLP 

small business exemption to the ffcra

Memo from McMahon Berger (NTMA Labor Lawyers)

One voice: defense production act invocation

Summary of President’s Defense Production Act invocation and medical devices, critical equipment

Implementation Guidance

The following guidance materials come from the federal government.  Find more information and answers to common labor-related questions  here.

House Speaker's OFfice

Guidebook for accessing resources for individuals and small/medium sized businesses

General Business Provisions

Department of Treasury

CARES Act website


Coronavirus Tax Relief

FAQ on the Employee Retention Credit

FAQ on payroll tax deferral

Employee Retention Credit FAQ Form 7200 Employer Retention Credits

Temporary procedures to fax certain Forms 1139 and 1045

Department of Labor

Guidance on new paid leave programs

FAQ for H-2A Temporary Agricultural Labor Certification Program

Individual Provisions


Economic Impact Payments (a.k.a “direct individual payments”) FAQ

Senate Committee on Finance

Unemployment Compensation (a.k.a. “unemployment insurance”) program FAQ

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)

Mortgage loan forbearance FAQs.